Outdoor Escape Room Game in Split Croatia!

Outdoor Escape Room Game in Split Croatia!

If you’re looking for a escape room game in Split Croatia or you’re just looking for something fun to do with your friends or family in this beautiful city – look no further!

Recently we visited Split and came across a new adventure game that takes place in the streets of this magnificent Roman city. City Escape Room Adventure Split is not an in-door escape room like the ones we are used to play, but rather a innovative combination of escape rooms, treasure hunts and sightseeing tour! And it’s sooo much fun!

Just imagine an escape room without any walls, and you’ll be close to the idea behind this amazing experience. Like in any escape room, you have props, objects that you need to use to solve puzzles, but the game takes you around most iconic parts of Old Town Split, so while playing you actually get to see important landmarks and learn few bits about the history of this ancient city.

The game called Diocletian’s Treasure is based on a legend that Roman emperor Diocletian (who ruled Roman empire 1700 years ago) before his retirement has hidden vast treasure somewhere in his Palace! He hid it so so well that for the last 1700 years no one was able to find it!

Lucky for you, an ancient artifact from Diocletian’s time was just found by some archeologists and they believe it could lead brave explorers on a quest to finally find Diocletian’s treasure!

We won’t reveal the rest of the story or any the puzzles, instead we invite you to check it our for yourself and make a reservation for this fun adventure on the following link:

Split Escape Room Adventure – Escape Room City Adventure in Split Croatia (escapeadventures.eu)