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Fun, interactive and immersive escape rooms designed to make you feel like you are in a movie


Why Escape Rooms are one of best things to do in Dubrovnik

This might just be the exciting experience you were looking for to share with your friends. It is a way to exercise your mind, improve your creativity and encourage team spirit all wrapped in one fun adventure. The stakes are high and time is short. Your team has 60 minutes to complete the quest and exit the room. You must solve puzzles, figure out clues, find hidden items and use what seems useless to complete the quest! Experience unique and immersive stories based on Dubrovnik history while having fun with your family, friends, and co-workers!

Lets make your next dinner conversation all the more interesting.



You probably already checked out Dubrovnik museums or did a tour with a guide. Now is the time to take entertainment to the next level. Experience obscure stories and hidden mysteries you don’t find about on city tours. Don’t just learn about them – RELIVE them as heroes.


If you are an adventurer looking for a fun yet challenging activity you are at the right place. Kayaking and buggy riding have it’s place but only escape rooms provide this kind of an adrenaline rush. Gather your team and sharpen your minds – you’ve got puzzles to solve.


This fun experience makes an excellent way to spend some quality time with your family and friends, as you work together to overcome the challenge. Find out who in your team excels and who crumbles under the pressure to finish within 60 minutes. Time to do something unique!


Face and conquer challenging scenarios that increase cooperation and communication within the team through problem solving while promoting creativity and leadership. This might just be the right type of fun team building activity your company was looking for.



Dubrovnik, once a small but important Republic had a motto “Liberty is not sold for all the gold of the world”. It represented the most important thing; to stay free at all costs. Now danger looms over the city of Dubrovnik. Masked men secretly conspire against our beloved Republic. Are you brave enough to help preserve the one thing the Republic holds dear the most?

It’s liberty.

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Check what others say about Respublica Obscura

We have done escape rooms all over the world so we have pretty high standards of what we expect when we do an escape room these days.

Respublica Obscura (Libertas) is a good room and definitely worth considering if you’re in Dubrovnik.

There are some clever puzzles and the story is very interesting. The room itself is well presented and the puzzles are to a high quality.
bennyboysmith - Tripadvisor

Absolutely fantastic escape room from the way it has been put together and the puzzles which are challenging but very fun and exciting! This was my first ever escape room and I will say the owner has worked very hard to create such an amazing and fun concept. I hope this is very successful in the future and everybody enjoys as much as we did. Thank you for making a rainy day fun.Megs1992 - Tripadvisor
Really had to think for a couple of the puzzles which I enjoyed. Interesting story inspired by local history. Great finale. Alinasnd - Tripadvisor
By far one of the best escape rooms we’ve ever played, designed extremely well and was very well organized for only being open a week. The mechanisms and puzzles inside the room were astounding and unique. Cannot praise this enough and will be back in the future. Anya C - Tripadvisor

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